Saturday, 22 February 2014

Another bit of new loveliness...

I recently treated myself to a brand new cd rom by Elaine Sheldrake...

I also noticed that Elaine was looking for new card makers and, being a big fan of her work, I sent a pm to tell her that I would be very interested in doing it. In reply I was set the challenge of making some cards using just one of the design sheets and so I came up with these....

Luckily for me the cards were liked and I am now part of her DT and so I am mega excited and a very very happy bunny....

You can find the cd that started this new chapter in my card making here...

I am looking forward to sharing many more makes here... :) 


  1. These are lovely Sarah. Well done, you are a lucky lady. Wish I could land a position like that.

  2. I am so pleased to have Sarah in my Design Team. Sarah you are very talented, you have a natural gift and flair for thinking outside the box and coming up with something different. I look forward to a long, happy and fun time working together. Thank you! I hope that everyone manages to fit in some crafting this weekend. Take care.

  3. Thank you so much ladies...sorry it has taken so long to get back to you xx

  4. Well done to my awesome talented friend your cards are sooooooo awesome i love them. Will have to keep an eye on what you're up to now lol. Elaine is a lucky girl to have you and I am proud and excited for you. xxx

    1. Thank you do my self esteem so much good :)